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Clothesless Poolside Adventures: Shining the Sun Where the Sun Don’t Shine


Yesterday, Ludwig and I spent some time by the pool at Oasis Aqualounge, a heated outdoor pool and patio, in the heart of downtown Toronto.  It is also a sex club, so patrons of this patio expect to see lots of flesh and free expression of sexy desires.  (such as Ludwig’s request for a little outdoor fellatio).  Yesterday was bright, sunny, beautiful and perfect for a little poolside relaxation and stimulation.

There was something so lovely about having the sun shining warm between my legs.  These lips rarely see the light of day in an outdoor setting.  It made for extra soft, warm and wet access for my tall and beautiful sunbathing companion.

Go down on me.  Have a glass of wine.  Go down on me some more.  Read a little.  Fuck me slowly in a lawnchair.  Take a nap.  Put your beautiful sun-kissed cock in my mouth.  Apply sunscreen.  Watch the lesbians in the corner get into a little make-out-and-spank-me session.  Have another glass of wine.  Repeat.

Nazareth for dinner.  The best Ethiopian food in the city.  It’s hard to top this kind of Sunday.

– Vera

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Put Coconut Oil Between Your Legs

coconut oil

As someone who lives, breathes and loves alternative health, I am consistently searching for ways to make life a little more pure and a little less chemicalized.   Our sex life is no exception in this endeavour.

One of the main sources of chemicals in the bedroom?  Lube.  We’ve tried alternative lube, organic lube, natural lube, herbal lube and it’s all the same: expensive, sticky or ineffective, weird smelling or still full of chemicals despite the “natural”  label.

Last Friday night, I requested the use of a little coconut oil on my lovely folds, with an internal massage, as a warm up.  It was incredible!

The Top Five Reasons Why I Love Coconut Oil Between My Legs

1. It’s the perfect amount of slippery.  Not too much, just enough.  I also love how soft it feels after, because of the moisturizing component.  I’m a fan of the silky pussy lips.

2. It lasts a long time!  No need to reapply.

3. It’s not expensive. ’nuff said.

4. It tastes great.  I completely detest the flavour of commercial lube.

5. It promotes a healthy environment in the nether-regions, so this encourages awesome scent and flavour for both the ladies and the gentlemen.

I asked Ludwig what he likes most about coconut oil.  His answer: “It’s just so slithery!” (good enough for me!)

Ps. We are thinking of attempting a little coconut oil lubrication in the posterior regions.  I’ll let you know how it goes…

— Vera


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The Top Three Things to Remember When You’re Going Down on Me


Ludwig and I have an interesting pattern and pastime of talking about sex right after we’ve had sex.  We like to reminisce, discuss, fantasize and thank each other.  It’s a lovely exchange.

The other day, we got on the topic of oral sex.  Ludwig loves cunnilingus.  He is fascinated with how the pussy behaves when he gets really up close and personal.  I like watching him stare at me.

I’m seriously into fellatio.  If there is ever a rare time that I’m not in the mood to get busy, all he has to do is ask me to put it in my mouth to get me going.  There is really nothing quite like feeling him get hard and wet on account of my tongue and lips.  Ludwig considers himself a blowjob convert.  He didn’t really like it much and told me so the first time we were naked together.  I am so grateful I was able to change his mind.

So we got on the topic of oral sex the other day and we decided to state our top three “Things to Remember When You’re Going Down on Me”.

There were excellent and important points outlined including things like “Don’t actually touch it! It’s way too sensitive” and “Don’t neglect the fleshy fun-bridge” (that being Ludwig’s perineum)

It is interesting to actually verbally state your preferences, but what I have come to realize over the years is that giving great head has little to do with technical skills.  It all comes down to a few important things.

3. Enjoy yourself — your partner can tell if you don’t really want to be there….and that’s not a good feeling.  If you don’t want to be there, ask yourself why? Figure out how you can change your mind.

2. Really pay attention to what you’re doing — the key to being good at this is reading your partner’s body when it shifts, changes and signals in very subtle ways.

1. Be thankful — it’s an absolute honour when someone allows you to be in such an intimate position.  It requires a lot of trust to fully let go and allow someone to have many hands, teeth and other things around your most sensitive and biologically relevant parts.  This position deserves respect.  Make sure you recognize this.

Ludwig says I’m far too serious about everything.  Blowjobs are no exception.  It’s worth it.  There is something earth shattering about your partner having an orgasm that close to your mouth, nose, lips, tongue, cheeks.  It’s a sensory delicacy.  When Ludwig allows this to happen, it still blows my mind…


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Smoked Meat, Polish Donuts, Orgasms and Sakura


Cherry blossom week is big in Toronto.  At High Park, the Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) bloom for about one week in the year.  This typically coincides with the first few warm weeks, where people emerge from their homes in far less clothing (finally, after each seemingly endless, dragged-out winter).  People flock from near and far to take in the sights, set up picnics and pose for pictures in front of the blossoming trees.

Ludwig and I decided on a Sunday trek around the city via TTC today.  We were on a mission for three things — Polish Pastry, Cherry Blossoms and Smoked Meat.  Our first stop was near Jane station (very west Toronto) for paczek (Polish donut with sweet plum filling) and makowiec (Polish poppy seed pastry).  Ludwig says that this is the only Polish bakery in the city that makes their poppy seed pastry this way – with the thick, solid brick of poppy seed filling surrounded by subtle stripes of sweet bread and glaze.  We ate this at the edge of the park while we shared a double americano, purchased from two bright-eyed and bushy tailed baristas at a local mom-and-pop coffee house and roastery.  We watched the high-end High Park folk walk their tiny dogs and drink their Starbucks and we wondered — why would one ever go to Starbucks to drink poorly made espresso and eat mass produced, over sugared, over priced confections, when you could have what we had?  Ludwig thinks is is because people are ultimately afraid of the unknown.  This could be said for the sexual appetite of many people as well.  But as it is with food, this can be seriously disadvantageous in terms of preventing new and amazing discoveries!

Our next stop was at High Park, where we joined the masses to marvel in the beauty of the cloudless sky, the plush blossoms and the general immense happiness of everyone there.  It is pretty remarkable that things were so busy (the line-up for the ladies room was 45 min long).  Yet, everyone was still in such high spirits.  The experience was certainly made even more lovely with a few tallboys of Stella and a fuzzy blanket to lounge on.

After a solid dose of relaxation in the sun, we trekked slightly cross-city, on the 506 streetcar, to our favourite Jewish restaurant, for a few slices of heaven (that being, slices of smoked meat).  Two pints of Beau’s Lug Tread, one shared smoked meat sandwich on rye, a bowl of split pea soup, a plate of freshly fried latkes with sour cream and applesauce and a few pickles later, we were quite convinced we had eaten our fill.  Our amazing server had other plans.  She managed to talk us into desert (and thank goodness she did).  Three tiny maple bacon donuts, freshly out of the deep fryer, were made in-house, with beef bacon and drizzled with real maple syrup.  I was speechless….before I declared to Ludwig that the donut was making me a little wet…

A sleepy subway ride brought us home for a little nap and two screaming orgasms.  One for him.  One for me.

Eat more bacon donuts.  Make it out to the park during cherry blossom week.  Have more sex.  No man ever died wishing he’d had less sex with his wife and taken in fewer breathtaking views of nature.


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Adventuring into Night-Time at the Sex Club


Ludwig and I are regular guests at Oasis Aqua Lounge.  It’s a spa by day, club by night complete with pool, sauna, steam room, outdoor patio, plenty of lounge space and two bars.  The most important aspect of Oasis is that people have sex .  It’s clean.  It’s respectful and it’s couples and women only allowed.  In our experience, people stick to hanging out with the person they came with.  There are special events if people are into swinging.

We usually attend on Sunday afternoon for a relaxing spa day.  The crowd is typically a little smaller and totally laid back.  Last weekend, we decided to venture out on a Friday night to check it out as a club scene.  This was a first time for us and we were completely unsure of what to expect, other than there would likely be more people.  We were completely thrilled with the experience.

One of the things I really cherish about Oasis is the honesty.  Everyone get’s to explore their sexuality without judgement.  Also, it’s not your typical cheesy, sleazy club scene.  No one is putting on an act here and no one is playing games (unless that’s the theme of the event of course!).  It’s straightforward and mature.

The aspect that really touched us is being able to watch people have sex, who are so into having sex with each other.  There could have been six couples, in one room, on various couches but everyone was still all about the person they were with.  No one was showing off or even remotely concerned what anyone else in the room thought.  It was easy to tell that so many people who were there, were really in love with each other.  It’s beautiful to witness two people making love, who have that much passion for one another.

My most memorable moment is being on a long, wall-length, leather couch, in a line of three other ladies.  All of the ladies’ men were going down on them at the same time.  It was a thrill to experience stolen glances exchanged with all of them, as we all experienced our clearly skilled partners’ work and dedication to our pleasure.

Our all-time favourite spot in the club?  The Red Room.  It is constructed with one-way glass.  People can watch you from the bar on the other side of the wall, but you cannot see them.  We find this rather thrilling…

— Vera

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The Advantage of Embracing the Morning Boner

Yes, your initial reaction to the title is likely a firm double take over the word “boner”.  We use the word frequently and unapologetically.  We like it.


Friday mornings are usually prime for a mini sleep-in and an arrival to work much later than usual.  Our usual rising hour of 6am is breezily slept through for at least another 15 minutes.  It’s easy to get stuck in bed when our bodies fit together so well.  After e-mail and news reading, breaking fast and showers, we are right back into bed.  There is something so delicious about breaking a refreshingly light fuck-sweat right after the shower and right before work.

There is something so incredibly awesome about sex when it happens at this time.  I would venture to say that some of the most interesting-new-different sensations we have created, have been with the use of the morning boner.  This is a prime time for most men.  It has mostly to do with the cycles of testosterone production (sexy!).  There is no other time when it is so full, so dense and heavy. So so determinedly hard.  There is this juicy spot that he hits only on Friday mornings.  It makes me feel a little desperate.

We put on our clothes and I drive him to work before my morning espresso run.  I like that he insists on wearing me to work.  Just a brush of the lips where I am most wet so he can reminisce during meetings and report writing sessions.

We try to catch an empty elevator down to the parking garage. Elevator make-out sessions are the sharpest tease after Friday morning sex.  We never cum at this time because we want to stay supercharged all day…

The advantage to embracing the morning boner? The sheer fullness and determination speaks for itself.  If you’re not into it, get over yourself and go there anyway lovely ladies.  You won’t be sorry.

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Make Love to Your Pastry

This giant pastry is a sweet expression of my infinite love for you….


Wednesdays are pastry days in our house.  Ludwig is gifted one giant pastry from our favourite coffee shop.  We have tried many pastries from many different coffee shops and the list of the top three is as follows…

3. Le Gourmand – Toronto, Spadina Ave.

2. The Slow Room – Toronto, College St W

1. Revel Cafe – Stratford, ON

These pastries are everywhere.  It’s tough to get your morning espresso without seeing them beside you, on the counter, perhaps under glass, all shiny and tempting.  So what makes a pain du chocolat stand out from the rest?  Density is the number one factor.  A good pastry is heavy in your hand.  Second factor: A thousand layers.  Good chocolate pastry has many thin, delicate, soft shelves contained within the crispy shell.  It has to be fatty but not greasy.  Also important: The chocolate.  ‘Nuff said.

Ludwig is hilarious when he eats chocolate pastry.  It is like he is making out with it.  He gets the dreamy look in his eyes.  The same look he gets when he finally makes it inside me after we have been at work all day.  His first time trying a Slow Room pastry, it was fresh out of the oven.  When he told me about it later, he exclaimed “It was so delicious. There was steam coming out of it! STEAM!”

I remember the first time he tried the Revel Cafe Pastry, he didn’t speak the entire time.  He couldn’t focus on anything other than the flaky, fatty, delicious work of art in his hands.

Here’s why the Revel Pain au Chocolate is top notch.

They are made by an actual pastry chef.  She comes in to the cafe to do the baking every day.  This means they are made properly, the way pastry should be.

They are made using organic ingredients which are locally sourced, whenever possible.

The dark chocolate is made locally, by a fair trade chocolate merchant.  The owner of Revel says  “If you’re going to be concerned about the quality and source of your coffee, it should be the same story for your chocolate”

What is almost as good as Revel chocolate pastry?  Coffee in bed on Sundays…what a thrill and delight when we, occasionally, get to have both.  It’s really a unique experience to make love in the middle of the day, after eating one of these beauties, with a well crafted shot of espresso.

— Vera