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Make Love to Your Pastry

This giant pastry is a sweet expression of my infinite love for you….


Wednesdays are pastry days in our house.  Ludwig is gifted one giant pastry from our favourite coffee shop.  We have tried many pastries from many different coffee shops and the list of the top three is as follows…

3. Le Gourmand – Toronto, Spadina Ave.

2. The Slow Room – Toronto, College St W

1. Revel Cafe – Stratford, ON

These pastries are everywhere.  It’s tough to get your morning espresso without seeing them beside you, on the counter, perhaps under glass, all shiny and tempting.  So what makes a pain du chocolat stand out from the rest?  Density is the number one factor.  A good pastry is heavy in your hand.  Second factor: A thousand layers.  Good chocolate pastry has many thin, delicate, soft shelves contained within the crispy shell.  It has to be fatty but not greasy.  Also important: The chocolate.  ‘Nuff said.

Ludwig is hilarious when he eats chocolate pastry.  It is like he is making out with it.  He gets the dreamy look in his eyes.  The same look he gets when he finally makes it inside me after we have been at work all day.  His first time trying a Slow Room pastry, it was fresh out of the oven.  When he told me about it later, he exclaimed “It was so delicious. There was steam coming out of it! STEAM!”

I remember the first time he tried the Revel Cafe Pastry, he didn’t speak the entire time.  He couldn’t focus on anything other than the flaky, fatty, delicious work of art in his hands.

Here’s why the Revel Pain au Chocolate is top notch.

They are made by an actual pastry chef.  She comes in to the cafe to do the baking every day.  This means they are made properly, the way pastry should be.

They are made using organic ingredients which are locally sourced, whenever possible.

The dark chocolate is made locally, by a fair trade chocolate merchant.  The owner of Revel says  “If you’re going to be concerned about the quality and source of your coffee, it should be the same story for your chocolate”

What is almost as good as Revel chocolate pastry?  Coffee in bed on Sundays…what a thrill and delight when we, occasionally, get to have both.  It’s really a unique experience to make love in the middle of the day, after eating one of these beauties, with a well crafted shot of espresso.

— Vera


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