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Adventuring into Night-Time at the Sex Club


Ludwig and I are regular guests at Oasis Aqua Lounge.  It’s a spa by day, club by night complete with pool, sauna, steam room, outdoor patio, plenty of lounge space and two bars.  The most important aspect of Oasis is that people have sex .  It’s clean.  It’s respectful and it’s couples and women only allowed.  In our experience, people stick to hanging out with the person they came with.  There are special events if people are into swinging.

We usually attend on Sunday afternoon for a relaxing spa day.  The crowd is typically a little smaller and totally laid back.  Last weekend, we decided to venture out on a Friday night to check it out as a club scene.  This was a first time for us and we were completely unsure of what to expect, other than there would likely be more people.  We were completely thrilled with the experience.

One of the things I really cherish about Oasis is the honesty.  Everyone get’s to explore their sexuality without judgement.  Also, it’s not your typical cheesy, sleazy club scene.  No one is putting on an act here and no one is playing games (unless that’s the theme of the event of course!).  It’s straightforward and mature.

The aspect that really touched us is being able to watch people have sex, who are so into having sex with each other.  There could have been six couples, in one room, on various couches but everyone was still all about the person they were with.  No one was showing off or even remotely concerned what anyone else in the room thought.  It was easy to tell that so many people who were there, were really in love with each other.  It’s beautiful to witness two people making love, who have that much passion for one another.

My most memorable moment is being on a long, wall-length, leather couch, in a line of three other ladies.  All of the ladies’ men were going down on them at the same time.  It was a thrill to experience stolen glances exchanged with all of them, as we all experienced our clearly skilled partners’ work and dedication to our pleasure.

Our all-time favourite spot in the club?  The Red Room.  It is constructed with one-way glass.  People can watch you from the bar on the other side of the wall, but you cannot see them.  We find this rather thrilling…

— Vera


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