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The Top Three Things to Remember When You’re Going Down on Me


Ludwig and I have an interesting pattern and pastime of talking about sex right after we’ve had sex.  We like to reminisce, discuss, fantasize and thank each other.  It’s a lovely exchange.

The other day, we got on the topic of oral sex.  Ludwig loves cunnilingus.  He is fascinated with how the pussy behaves when he gets really up close and personal.  I like watching him stare at me.

I’m seriously into fellatio.  If there is ever a rare time that I’m not in the mood to get busy, all he has to do is ask me to put it in my mouth to get me going.  There is really nothing quite like feeling him get hard and wet on account of my tongue and lips.  Ludwig considers himself a blowjob convert.  He didn’t really like it much and told me so the first time we were naked together.  I am so grateful I was able to change his mind.

So we got on the topic of oral sex the other day and we decided to state our top three “Things to Remember When You’re Going Down on Me”.

There were excellent and important points outlined including things like “Don’t actually touch it! It’s way too sensitive” and “Don’t neglect the fleshy fun-bridge” (that being Ludwig’s perineum)

It is interesting to actually verbally state your preferences, but what I have come to realize over the years is that giving great head has little to do with technical skills.  It all comes down to a few important things.

3. Enjoy yourself — your partner can tell if you don’t really want to be there….and that’s not a good feeling.  If you don’t want to be there, ask yourself why? Figure out how you can change your mind.

2. Really pay attention to what you’re doing — the key to being good at this is reading your partner’s body when it shifts, changes and signals in very subtle ways.

1. Be thankful — it’s an absolute honour when someone allows you to be in such an intimate position.  It requires a lot of trust to fully let go and allow someone to have many hands, teeth and other things around your most sensitive and biologically relevant parts.  This position deserves respect.  Make sure you recognize this.

Ludwig says I’m far too serious about everything.  Blowjobs are no exception.  It’s worth it.  There is something earth shattering about your partner having an orgasm that close to your mouth, nose, lips, tongue, cheeks.  It’s a sensory delicacy.  When Ludwig allows this to happen, it still blows my mind…



One comment on “The Top Three Things to Remember When You’re Going Down on Me

  1. This is just fantastic and very well-stated!

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