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Put Coconut Oil Between Your Legs

coconut oil

As someone who lives, breathes and loves alternative health, I am consistently searching for ways to make life a little more pure and a little less chemicalized.   Our sex life is no exception in this endeavour.

One of the main sources of chemicals in the bedroom?  Lube.  We’ve tried alternative lube, organic lube, natural lube, herbal lube and it’s all the same: expensive, sticky or ineffective, weird smelling or still full of chemicals despite the “natural”  label.

Last Friday night, I requested the use of a little coconut oil on my lovely folds, with an internal massage, as a warm up.  It was incredible!

The Top Five Reasons Why I Love Coconut Oil Between My Legs

1. It’s the perfect amount of slippery.  Not too much, just enough.  I also love how soft it feels after, because of the moisturizing component.  I’m a fan of the silky pussy lips.

2. It lasts a long time!  No need to reapply.

3. It’s not expensive. ’nuff said.

4. It tastes great.  I completely detest the flavour of commercial lube.

5. It promotes a healthy environment in the nether-regions, so this encourages awesome scent and flavour for both the ladies and the gentlemen.

I asked Ludwig what he likes most about coconut oil.  His answer: “It’s just so slithery!” (good enough for me!)

Ps. We are thinking of attempting a little coconut oil lubrication in the posterior regions.  I’ll let you know how it goes…

— Vera



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