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Clothesless Poolside Adventures: Shining the Sun Where the Sun Don’t Shine


Yesterday, Ludwig and I spent some time by the pool at Oasis Aqualounge, a heated outdoor pool and patio, in the heart of downtown Toronto.  It is also a sex club, so patrons of this patio expect to see lots of flesh and free expression of sexy desires.  (such as Ludwig’s request for a little outdoor fellatio).  Yesterday was bright, sunny, beautiful and perfect for a little poolside relaxation and stimulation.

There was something so lovely about having the sun shining warm between my legs.  These lips rarely see the light of day in an outdoor setting.  It made for extra soft, warm and wet access for my tall and beautiful sunbathing companion.

Go down on me.  Have a glass of wine.  Go down on me some more.  Read a little.  Fuck me slowly in a lawnchair.  Take a nap.  Put your beautiful sun-kissed cock in my mouth.  Apply sunscreen.  Watch the lesbians in the corner get into a little make-out-and-spank-me session.  Have another glass of wine.  Repeat.

Nazareth for dinner.  The best Ethiopian food in the city.  It’s hard to top this kind of Sunday.

– Vera


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