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About Us

We are Ludwig and Vera, a couple living in Toronto.  We love food and sex, music, camping, and each other.  To be further intertwined, we decided not to write our own bio, but one for the other…

In Vera’s Words – Ludwig: (LOOD-vihg) is the kind of man who would never allow anyone to shorten his name.  Don’t ever call him Lud.  Only his Grandfather-in-law gets away with it (and only because he is, in fact, scarier than Ludwig himself).

He has lead a life of many perspectives, which has shaped his vehement intention to never take things for granted. (especially food).  Keep it simple.  Don’t waste.  Appreciate what you have.  But endeavour to live creatively.


(photo credit: Vera)

There are infinite reasons why this man has my heart but I think the biggest is his integrity.  He is gifted at doing what he says he is going to do.  This matters so much to me.

He truly values being healthy in a balanced way.

How did I know he was my soulmate?  I’m reminded on a daily basis, but if I were asked to pin it to one moment in time, I would have to say it was our second camping trip.  We had talked big talk about all the hiking and swimming and beach-yoga we would do…but at the end of the day, all we really wanted to do was hang out in the dirt, breathe clean air,  make delicious food and have sex all the time.  Second clue that he was my kind of guy?  He bought me a set of Henkel Knives for my Birthday the first year we were together (and didn’t wrap them.  Wrapping paper is frivolous and silly)

Ludwig is a man who makes lists and sub-lists.  He is organized.  This is advantageous as I am also a little planning-happy.  Some simply don’t appreciate thinking ahead.  Ludwig does.

For a living, he helps feed people.  His not-for-profit organization actually changes lives.  He works so hard and believes so deeply in what he does.  Amazing.

He is kinky and he owns it.  Most people are kinky but they’re not into looking at those sides of themselves.  He knows and loves his sexuality.  He has taught me a thing or two in the bedroom, which is not an easy feat.  He is so tall and beautiful and his body fits so perfectly with mine.

I feel so lucky that he picked me.

Vera’s Bio

Vera is delicious incarnate.

I have sunken my teeth into her on many occasions but she manages to charm me into not taking a bite out. All this in spite of her seriousness. I’ve settled for licking instead.


(Photo credit: Ludwig)

Smell and taste mean a great deal to me, and I have never tasted anyone so satiating. I knew we were meant for each other when I first caught a whiff of her skin and hair. It shot pheromone detecting lightning bolts across my nervous system waving flags bearing bright letters: “Make babies, make babies!!”. Two hours later our bodies were melting together while pressed against a parking meter. My sense rarely betray me. I still fall asleep with my nose pressed against the back of her neck every night.

Vera’s sexuality has electrified me, knocked me over, inspired and pushed me out of my comfort zone. She has a vigorous appetite and knows what she likes. She has yet to say no to making out. Sometimes she likes things she hasn’t even tried yet, and is always open to exploring the menu, or sampling the daily special. She is honest and blunt about her needs which I adore. There are no games – unless of the kinkalicious variety.

Her love of rich wholesome foods and kitchen prowess reflect a wider life philosophy. Nourish wisely. Purchase only the best (local and organic!). Take your time, establish intention and do things well. Be practical. Keep learning all your life. Cherish value and never sell yourself short.

Vera’s passion doesn’t stop in the kitchen or bedroom. She is one of the most dedicated and hard working people you will ever come across. Her clarity of vision and determination to execute are inspiring, as are her goals. She is a gifted alternative medical practitioner set on overturning a broken health care system. She knows what she’s doing too. In the year we’ve known each other, I have not fallen ill outside of food poisoning. I’ve even let her stick several acupuncture needles in me. An impressive feat given I’m deeply phobic.

From her tall yoga toned body to her deep seeded values of doing what’s right, and doing it well – there is a lot to love about her. And we find more things every day.


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