Put Coconut Oil Between Your Legs

As someone who lives, breathes and loves alternative health, I am consistently searching for ways to make life a little more pure and a little less chemicalized.   Our sex life is no exception in this endeavour. One of the main sources of chemicals in the bedroom?  Lube.  We’ve tried alternative lube, organic lube, natural lube, […]

Smoked Meat, Polish Donuts, Orgasms and Sakura

Cherry blossom week is big in Toronto.  At High Park, the Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) bloom for about one week in the year.  This typically coincides with the first few warm weeks, where people emerge from their homes in far less clothing (finally, after each seemingly endless, dragged-out winter).  People flock from near and far to […]

Make Love to Your Pastry

This giant pastry is a sweet expression of my infinite love for you…. Wednesdays are pastry days in our house.  Ludwig is gifted one giant pastry from our favourite coffee shop.  We have tried many pastries from many different coffee shops and the list of the top three is as follows… 3. Le Gourmand – […]

Eat More Butter – Have Sex Often

We have 2 very important rules in our house… have sex as often as possible. put butter on everything. Both butter and sex are typically a multiple-times-daily occurrence for us.  This makes me wonder if there is a correlation.  Allow me to explore this further. Balanced hormones = Sexy time! Saturated fat is essential for […]

Eating and Fucking

Eating and Sex are gloriously all-encompassing if you pay enough attention.  They are acts that we experience with all five senses.  They are ways to get to know ourselves on very interesting levels as no two people are the same.  What we eat and how we fuck have the potential to be exquisitely beautiful expressions […]